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Infant Formula|Milk Powder|Nutrition Products

Thursday,Dec 13, 2018
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About Us
About Royal AUSNZ

GOTOP GROUP is proudly 100% Australian owned company and a member of the dairy industry association of Australia. Located in Sydney Australia, which is the business Centre of Australia. GOTOP has its corporate mission to deliver the most healthy food world- wide.

GOTOP has consolidated the best dairy resources in Australia and delivers the Royal AUSNZ infant formula to global consumers. The Royal AUSNZ infant formula has been produced by the most advanced technology in the world. It is using wet-blending technology, which means nutrition ingredients mixed with fresh milk and spayed into the infant formula powder directly. Each Royal AUSNZ tin has been vacuumed and filled with nitrogen to keep the contents fresh and stable.

A Nutrition Ring Formula has been implemented in the product and it gives your baby full support on healthy bones, healthy eye- sight, brain development, growth and development, and immunities.

The Royal AUSNZ infant formula contains

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